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Azoo Plus Ornamental Shrimp Supplements

Azoo Plus Ornamental Shrimp Supplements
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* Liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for ornamental shrimp
* Easy way to offer vital nutrients deficient in most shrimp food
* Boost health of freshwater Caridina & Neocaridina shrimp species

AzooFill nutritional gaps due to diet consisting of shrimp food alone. Azoo Plus Ornamental Shrimp Supplements simplify proper nutrition by delivering vitamins and minerals essential to shrimp health. Easy-to-dispense liquid supplements are absorbed through your shrimp's gill for fast and effective uptake. Prevents conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies and promotes healthy freshwater ornamental shrimp better able to cope with stressful conditions.

Vita Plus is an immune boosting formula containing glucan, immunoglobulin and multivitamins. Provides nutrients important to breeding shrimp to help increase hatch rate of eggs. Mineral Plus is a water-soluble supplement designed for efficient utilization. Provides minerals essential for supporting the development and hatching of eggs as well as boosting survival rate of newly hatched shrimp. Great for freshwater ornamental shrimp including Red Crystal Shrimp and other Caridina and Neocaridina shrimp species.

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