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Tetra No More Algae Tabs

Tetra No More Algae Tabs
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* Convenient algae control tablets for freshwater aquariums
* Fizzing tablets removes existing algae from aquarium water
* Control the formation of new algae in glass or acrylic aquariums

TetraControl existing aquarium algae and the formation of new algae with easy-to-use fizzing tablets. Tetra No More Algae offers a convenient way to inhibit the growth of many types of algae in freshwater aquariums. Unsightly suspended green water algae blooms and even algae that grows on the sides of glass or acrylic aquariums are no match for these fizzing tablets. Premeasured tablets eliminates the need to measure and dispense liquid for the ultimate in algae control convenience. Leaves aquarium water crystal clear and free of nuisance algae. For freshwater aquariums. Not for use in aquariums with live plants, snails or other invertebrates. Sixteen tablets. Treats up to 160 gallons.

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