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Certifect for Dogs

Certifect for Dogs
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* Starts killing ticks in 6 hours and kills up to 100% within 18 hours
* Only topical flea/tick product that causes ticks to detach from pet
* Kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae & chewing lice
* Waterproof and keeps killing for up to one month

Increased presence of ticks in backyards and suburban areas means it's more important than ever to defend your dog against these potential disease-carriers. Fast-acting Certifect provides proven flea protection AND rapid tick-killing power. It starts killing all stages of ticks in six hours and kills up to 100 percent within 18 hours, as compared to the current standard of 24-48 hours. AND, no other topical flea and tick product has the power to detach ticks from dogs. Certifect is waterproof and prevents reinfestations for up to one month.

Just like Frontline Plus, Certifect kills fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae to disrupt the flea life cycle. This means immature forms in the environment cannot become biting, breeding adults that bite your dog. Here's how it works. Certifect has the same two active ingredients as Frontline Plus, fipronil and (S)-methoprene, but it also contains a small amount of amitraz. Amitraz and fipronil act together against a tick's nervous system to kill faster and more effectively compared to equivalent concentrations of fipronil alone.

Certifect is a topical formulation applied to two places on a dog's neck: at the base of the skull and between the shoulder blades where the dog cannot lick. Certifect should NOT be used on cats. In studies, no adverse effects were noted on cats in homes with treated dogs. For puppies older than 8 weeks and at least 5 pounds.

Please click on "More Information" for label information, including directions, frequency of application, and ingredients.

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The new standard in the fight against dog ticks, from the makers of Frontline® Plus!
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