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Sweet Potato Snax

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Drs. Foster & Smith Sweet Potato Fries
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* Real sweet potatoes, dehydrated to seal in flavor and nutrition
* A great vegetarian alternative to rawhide
* Chewy, low-fat dog treats available in a variety of shapes

Find out for yourself why these are our most popular dog treats. Dehydrated sweet potatoes have a taste that is simply irresistible to dogs - and they contain no animal fat and are not greasy to the touch, which makes them popular with pet owners. These meat-free dog treats are a satisfying alternative to rawhide or meaty treats. Sweet potatoes are known for healthy beta-carotene and can be broken down in some dogs more easily than rawhide. These delicious, healthy dog treats can easily be broken into smaller portions for small dogs. Dehydrated processing seals in maximum flavor and nutrition. Fries are approximately 3/8" thick strips that vary in length. Resealable pouch for freshness. Sold by weight; individual size and number per pouch varies.

Our sweet potato treats are so delicious dogs can't wait to eat them - sometimes they even swallow them whole! For safety, we recommend cutting sweet potato treats into pieces, especially for small breeds, young dogs, or aggressive chewers.

Please Note: You may notice a white frosting or powder on some of your Healthy Snax Sweet Potatoes. This is simply a harmless, naturally-occurring starch that comes out of the sweet potatoes during the drying process. Your pet will love the sweet potatoes with or without the powder!

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An all natural, healthy dog treat!
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