Potassium Chloride
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Potassium Chloride

Potassium Chloride
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What is potassium chloride?
Potassium chloride is used to treat or prevent potassium deficiency. Potassium injectable solution is diluted with other fluids and is given intravenously (IV, in the vein), or subcutaneously (subQ, under the skin).

Who is it for?
Potassium chloride is used in many animal species.

What are the benefits?

* Quickly replenish vital potassium in animals with hypokalemia
* Support heart health and essential bodily functions
* In concentrated form to be diluted

How does potassium chloride work?
Potassium is a mineral that is found in many foods and is needed for many functions of your body, especially the beating of your heart. Potassium chloride is used to prevent or to treat low blood levels of potassium (hypokalemia). Potassium levels can be low as a result of a disease, from taking certain medicines, or after a prolonged illness with diarrhea or vomiting.

Is there a generic equivalent available?
Generic products are available.

How is it given?
Potassium injectable solutions must be diluted before they are given to an animal. Add the proper amount of the potassium solution to the other fluid according to your veterinarian's directions. Always use a new sterile syringe and needle when removing the potassium from the vial and adding it to the fluids. Do not touch the needle with your hands. When finished, place the needle and syringe in a puncture-resistant container. Follow your local regulations regarding disposal.

Always follow the dosage instructions provided by your veterinarian. If you have difficulty giving the medication, contact your veterinarian.

This medication should only be given to the pet for whom it was prescribed.

What results can I expect?
The potassium in the fluid will be absorbed by the body and move into the cells, where is helps to regulate the functions of the cell. If the low potassium level is chronic (long-lasting), potassium supplementation will need to be given on a regular basis. The level of potassium in the blood will also need to be checked regularly.

What form(s) does it come in?
Concentrated solution to be diluted.

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