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Foraging Wheel

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Refillable Foraging Toys
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* Challenging foraging treat toys reward your successful bird with a tasty treat
* Super-tough polycarbonate construction lasts for years without signs of wear
* Foraging toys help alleviate boredom and help prevent stress

Challenge and stimulate your bored bird. Simply load your bird's favorite food or treats, and watch your bird meticulously remove them through the challenging food slots. Foraging Wheel features a wheel birds spin to retrieve rewards from its five compartments. A tasty and rewarding way to alleviate cage boredom and help prevent stress and the negative behaviors associated with it. Easy-clean polycarbonate construction is virtually indestructible. Hanging/mounting attachments included.

Toy Measurement Suggested For
Foraging Wheel 6" dia x 7-1/4" high Conures to Amazons

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