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Nature's Miracle House-Breaking "Go Here" Spray

Nature's Miracle House-Breaking
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* Teach your dog where to "go" in less time than ever before
* Pheromone attract spray encourages dogs to go where you want them to
* For indoor and outdoor training

Utilize the power of pheromones to teach your dog where to "go" and reduce the time it takes to housebreak your pet. Nature's Miracle House-Breaking Spray uses attractant pheromones to send the message that it's OK to go where you've applied the spray. Spray it on a Piddle Pad or other designated surface indoors or in selected areas outdoors. Your pet will quickly learn to relieve himself in these locations. This concentrated spray provides long-lasting effects and helps reduce the amount of time it takes to housetrain your pet. Not for use on pet. 16 oz bottle.

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