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Marshall Premium Ferret Litter

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Marshall Premium Ferret Litter
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* Superior absorbency and odor control - great for ferrets!
* Ferret litter made from 100% recycled paper
* Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, dust free, non-allergenic, and flushable

Absorption power is packed into tiny, recycled paper-made cylinders. Premium Ferret Litter takes 100% recycled paper that is pressed into hard cylinders for the ultimate in cage cleanliness. Each cylinder measures approximately 1/2" long, but combines to absorb 400% more waste than traditional clay litters. Plus, since you will use less litter to absorb equal amounts of waste, you save both precious time and money.

Ferrets are unique small pets that use their litter boxes an average of twelve times per day. As such, they need litter that both absorbs waste and combats odors. Our Premium Ferret Litter combines the absorption power of paper to eliminate both your pet's waste and the noxious odors that often accompany it. Plus, by eliminating your pet's waste and odors, you also help eliminate the bacteria, yeast, and mold that thrive on pet waste products and can result in serious health risks to both you and your pet.

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