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Ultimate Stock Tank De-Icer from K&H Pet Products

Ultimate Stock Tank De-Icer from K&H Pet Products
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* All-in-one design features de-icer AND a protective cage for safety
* Lower wattage options prevent the wasting of electricity in smaller stock tanks
* Use as a floating de-icer or a submersible de-icer

Keep fresh water available in your stock tank all winter long - without breaking the bank! The K&H Ultimate Stock Tank De-Icer runs safely, efficiently, and automatically when temperatures drop. The Ultimate series features lower-wattage units, too, so you don't have to use more energy than you need for your agricultural zone and tank size (see chart in "More Information" for help choosing). Its all-in-one design includes a protective cage over the heating element, so there's no additional expense of a shroud or cage. Right out of the box, use it as a floating de-icer, or, with the click of a button, convert it to a submersible de-icer. A cord safety clip is included, which secures the de-icer to the edge of the stock tank to help prevent chewing, cribbing or removal from the tank. 6 ft cord features adjustable cord guard; please note that this de-icer should not be used with an extension cord.

Please click on "More Information" for zone chart, instructions, and care.

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