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4-Way Forager

4-Way Forager
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* Challenging bird toy keeps bird mentally and physically fit
* Clever bird toy design develops vital problem-solving skills
* Great toy for active birds as well as food-motivated birds

Basic Foraging Level
Intermediate Foraging Level

Mental and physical fitness intersect with this challenging bird toy. Super Bird Creations 4-Way Forager enriches bird environment with rewarding physical and mental activity. Develops natural foraging and problem-solving skills in a fun and entertaining manner. Physical agility of your bird is put to the test as this hanging foraging toy tips and teeters in mid-air. Place fruits, nuts or any favorite treat in the clear treat cups for enrichment activity that nurtures natural bird behaviors. Provides birds with engrossing activity similar to foraging through a fruit-filled branch high atop the jungle canopy. The Super Bird Creations 4-Way Forager Bird Toy measures 6" x 9" long (11" long including hanger). Recommended for Conure to Amazon size birds. Includes metal link attachment hardware.

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