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Kozy Keet

Kozy Keet
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* Hanging bird nesting toy encourages your bird to hollow out a nesting cavity like she would in the wild
* Eco-friendly bird toy is made of Yucca and is 100% biodegradable
* Preening and plucking instincts help alleviate cage boredom and undesirable feather plucking
The ultimate shreddable bird nesting cage accessory. Lightweight, all-natural Yucca "log" satisfies your bird's natural urge to chew and preen, relieving boredom, stress, and feather plucking. Birds in the wild possess a natural instinct to hollow out their own nests and this inviting nest is a great way to supply your pet bird with the nesting materials she would naturally seek out in the wild. Eco-friendly nesting toy is 100% biodegradable. Ideal for parakeets or smaller birds. Includes hanging wire. Measures 9.25" x 3.5".

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