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Hemostat, Forceps & Scissors

Hemostat, Forceps & Scissors
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* Fine-quality stainless-steel veterinary tools help with routine grooming tasks and in-home care
* Veterinary-caliber first-aid tools help you stay ready for any situation
* Choose a hemostat, forceps, bandage scissors, surgical scissors, stitch scissors, or needle holder - or complete your first aid kit with all these tools

A. The Thumb Forceps are used to hold tissues in place when applying sutures, to gently move tissues out of the way during exploratory surgery, and to move dressings or draping without using the hands or fingers.

B. The Needle Holder, ideal for applying heavy sutures, is also commonly used in general surgeries. This pro-caliber instrument features a locking ratchet; a narrow, serrated nose; and a fine blunt point. 6-1/4" long.

C. The Mosquito Hemostat gives you a good grip when pulling out hair, burrs, or splinters. It has a locking ratchet, narrow nose, and a short shaft. It comes to a fine blunt point and has a serrated nose. It is also ideal for grooming very small breeds, attaching pre-made bows to topknots, and for use by groomers with small hands.

D. The Surgical Scissors are ideal for cutting out hair mats. They have rounded ends and can also be used for cutting sutures and bandages.

E. The Bandage Scissors help trim bandages to custom size, cut through clothing or gauze, and help remove bandages without injury to skin because the blades are angled away from the skin.

F. The Spencer Stitch Scissors are specifically designed to remove sutures (stitches) from small animals. They feature partially blunted tips, one of which includes a notch to lift stitches for more convenient access. They are designed to cut in small/tight spaces. Please choose 3-1/2" long, 4-1/2" long, or 5-1/2" long scissors.

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