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Total Turtle Aquatic Terrarium Substrate

Total Turtle Aquatic Terrarium Substrate
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* Aquatic turtle substrate is ready-to-use - no rinsing needed
* Contains calcium for healthier bones and shell
* Gravel contains beneficial bacteria to help with cycling and clarifier to help with water cloudiness

Ready-to-use aquatic turtle substrates take the guesswork out of starting an aquatic turtle environment. Hassle-free gravel require no rinsing - simply add tap water. Packaged with beneficial bacteria to aid in cycling, water conditioners to remove chlorine and chloramines, and clarifier to help clear initial cloudiness. Also provides pH support to prevent water from becoming too acidic, and has superior enhanced surface area to help support water purifying bacteria. Larger substrate size helps prevent accidental ingestion and work with under gravel filters. Plus, substrate creates a natural biological balance to help suppress bacterial blooms and is buffered to keep water cleaner for longer. Contains calcium for healthier bones and shell and has no artificial dyes or paints to flake off. One 10 pound bag is enough to treat 10 gallons of water.

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