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Advanced Tartar Control Toothpaste

Advanced Tartar Control Toothpaste
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* Enzyme action dog toothpaste breaks down bacteria, thus reducing plaque
* Gentle on gums, with an appealing chicken flavor dogs may accept more readily
* Use regularly to clean teeth, freshen breath, and support healthy gums

Our most effective toothpaste for cleaning your pet's teeth. This veterinarian-formulated enzymatic toothpaste helps reduce plaque, the cause of gingivitis (gum inflammation). Unlike formulas that work only by mechanical action, this formula works with enzyme action from glucose oxidase and lysozyme. This means it actually breaks down bacteria, to reduce plaque. Gentle on the gums, too. Non-foaming, chicken flavored toothpaste appeals to pets, so brushing teeth is less of a hassle. Use Advanced Tartar Control Toothpaste with enzymatic action works two ways. It has the same enzyme action as the formula above, but it adds the mechanical action of tetrasodium pyrophosphate to scrape away tartar. Use this toothpaste especially for pets who are prone to tartar, or have hard-to-reach trouble spots. Use as a regular part of your pet's dental program. For dogs and cats.

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