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Foraging Wheel Foraging Toy

Refillable Foraging Toys
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* Challenging treat toy is a spinning wheel that rewards birds with a tasty treat
* Toy for bird foraging is made from polycarbonate, tough enough for repeated beak use
* Foraging Wheel's movement and visual appeal stimulates your bird to do what comes naturally

Advanced Foraging Level

Let your bird spin his own personal wheel of fortune to get the food or treats he adores. Simply load your bird's favorite fresh fruits, veggies, regular food or treats into the five compartments and watch your bird try to figure out how to get at them. When he does, he'll have his reward, stimulating his mind and keeping him from engaging in destructive boredom behaviors. Easy-clean polycarbonate construction lasts for years without signs of wear - it's virtually indestructible. A tasty and rewarding way to alleviate cage boredom and help prevent stress. Clips easily onto cage bars. Mounting attachments included. We recommend Foraging Wheel for birds sized from conure to Amazon to macaw. Fill with treats such as Freeze-Dried Fruit and Vegetable Treats.

Does your bird seem confused by foraging toys? Try our Foraging Tree to help you help your bird understand the basics so he can enjoy foraging for life.

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