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* Calcium-rich bird cuttlebones help trim beaks
* SAVE with even larger quantities for multiple pet birds!
* Four sizes for any bird from parakeet to parrot

Cuttlebones provide natural calcium and minerals necessary for bone and feather formation. Ever-popular cuttlebones also help keep your pet bird's beak trimmed and sharp at the same time. Cuttlebones are the inner shell of the squid-like cuttlefish, and their crunchy texture, plus bird-friendly size and shape put them at the top of your pet bird's favorite list. Mounting hanger (single and double packs) is included with each cuttlebone for easy attachment to any cage. Hanger not included in 6-packs or 25-packs, but you can use our convenient Cuttlebone Holder.

Cuttlebones are a natural product and all measurements are approximate.

Cuttlebone Approximate Size
Small 3-7/8" - 4.25" (25 Pack 3.5" - 4.5")
Medium 4.25" - 5" (25 Pack 4.5" - 6")
Large 6" - 6.5" (25 Pack 7" - 9")
XLarge 8.5" - 9"

Cuttlebones are known to be rich in calcium

Beak care is critical for the overall health of your bird. The beak is the entry for nutrients, and is used for climbing and playing. We can help promote beak health by ensuring your bird is getting all the nutrients he needs and detecting any problems early. Supplying beak conditioners that function as a chewing item and that contain essential minerals, like calcium, is a great idea, to help strengthen the keratin that makes up the beaks.

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