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Marshall Bell Collar

Marshall Bell Collar for Ferrets
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* Attached bell allows you to instantly locate your active ferret
* Fully adjustable design with quick-snap buckle eases use
* Available in an array of colors to suit any ferret's disposition

If your ferret likes to run around and hide, this bell collar is a great way to keep track of his/her whereabouts. The slip-free designed collar is made of durable 3/8" flat nylon with a quick-snap buckle. Adjusts to fit ferrets of all ages. Available in Royal Blue.

Bell collars can be especially useful with deaf ferrets. If you have deaf ferrets that roam your home, they obviously won't hear you if you call them. Putting a ferret bell collar on them will allow you to safely keep track of where they are. This means that you can find them more easily in case of an emergency.

Color: Royal Blue
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