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Eheim Pro 3 E Series Canister Filter

Eheim Pro 3E Canister Filter
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* Electronic microprocessor-controlled canister filter by Eheim Aquatics
* Built-in microprocessor monitors filter functions for optimum performance
* "Intelligent" aquarium filter helps simplify routine filter maintenance

EheimProgrammable canister filter blends electronic technology for a healthy aquarium environment. Intelligent, new generation aquarium filter features a built-in microprocessor that monitors filter functions. Adjustable flow output allows greater control over water flow - maintain constant flow rate or program the filter to initiate the wavemaker. Multistage canister filter boasts large media basket for custom biological and chemical filtration (media not included for Eheim Pro 3E Models 2076 and 2078). Replacement Fine and Coarse prefilter pads and Activated Carbon Foam Pad for 2076 and 2078 sold separately. For fresh or saltwater aquariums.

The NEW Eheim Pro 3E 2074 has an added feature for USB connection via Eheim Interface (optional accessory). Enjoy simple and convenient programming, setting and updating your filter from the comfort of your computer. Download FREE user-friendly Eheim Control Center software to get started.

Eheim Pro 3E 2074 has 3 media baskets that holds 1.5 liters of filter media. Includes 1 liter each of Eheim MECHpro, EHEIM SUBSTRATpro and EHEIM bioMECH for convenient start up.

Eheim Pro 3E 2076 has 3 media baskets while the 2078 has 4. Each media basket holds 2 liters of filter media. The 2076 requires 2 liters of Ehfimech and 4 liters of Ehfisubstrat Pro. The 2078 requires 2 liters of Ehfimech and 6 liters of Ehfisubstrat Pro. All units come with one blue and one white filter media pad.

Model Aquarium Size Max Flow Canister Volume
2074 up to 92 gallons 396 gph 1.96 gallon
2076 up to 105 gallons 435 gph 3.3 gallon
2078 up to 185 gallons 490 gph 3.6 gallon

Adjustable Output Control - Increase or decrease flow rate at a touch of a button. Automatically maintains set output rate and adjusts for filter media blockage.
Bio-Stream Function - Electronically-controlled flow variation provides natural, constantly-changing water flow conditions in the aquarium.
12 Hour Bio-Function - Programmable feature automatically switches between 2 adjustable flow rates within a 12 hour cycle.
Service Indicator - Displays the remaining time until the next cleaning period.
Auto Air Out Function - Detects and automatically bleeds off air trapped under the Filter Head.
Electronic Error Management - Electronic monitoring system detects any irregularities and automatically attempts to rectify the cause.

Please click on "More Information" for quick installation guide.

Intelligent new generation of aquarium filters
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Please note: Return of electrical equipment to Drs. Foster & Smith for exchange or refund is limited to 60 days from the date of purchase. Beyond 60 days, please contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement as covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

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