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Nutri-Care Farrier's-Hoof

Nutri-Care Farrier's-Hoof
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* Convenient, ready to use spray bottle for direct application
* Environmentally-friendly
* Veterinarian-recommended

Spray-on all-natural ingredients to keep your horse's hooves healthy. Spraying this copper/zinc formula on a regular basis will help maintain healthy hooves during damp weather or whenever conditions are optimal for damage including bacterial and fungal infections. Non-irritating hoof spray can also be used as additional supportive therapy for certain hoof conditions such as thrush and white line disease. Can be used every day and over topical salves. Pleasant scent reminiscent of lime. For horses.

Directions for Use: Clean the hoof as thoroughly as possible and spray 2 to 3 times a day to saturation. After spraying, contain the horse in a clean dry area if possible and wrap the hoof if necessary. Use on all hooves.

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All-natural ingredients
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