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Absorbine Hooflex® Liquid Hoof Conditioner

Absorbine Hooflex® Liquid Hoof Conditioner
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* All-weather brush-on formula
* Antibacterial and antifungal action
* Maintains long-lasting moisture balance

Maintain proper moisture balance in your horse's hooves with more active ingredients than any other hoof conditioner. This easy-to-apply liquid helps with the pliability of the hoof wall, heel, sole, frog, and coronet. Its seven active ingredients include neatsfoot oil and lanolin in a liquid petrolatum base. Simply brush this liquid on your horse's hooves with the convenient in-cap brush, and the active ingredients condition the coronary band, hoof wall, and sole so the hoof can better absorb shock without cracking. Hooflex liquid, when properly used, not only provides a breathable barrier, but its satin sheen makes it an ideal show dressing.

Hooflex Liquid Conditioner:

  • Is great for hooves that are too moist
  • Helps maintain strong, flexible hooves when riding on rocky or hard surfaces
  • Works to maintain good hoof condition
  • Is ideal for cold weather applications
  • Is a boon to the busy equestrian

Directions: Be sure hooves are clean before applying. Brush Absorbine Hooflex Liquid Conditioner with convenient applicator on hooves twice weekly. If you prefer, massage the coronet after application.

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Provides a breathable barrier for your horse's hooves
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