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Pre-Strike® Mosquito Torpedo®

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Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedoes
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* Easy-to-use mosquito control tablets for ornamental ponds and fountains
* Prevent mosquito larvae from developing into biting, breeding adults
* Place Mosquito Torpedo in areas where mosquitoes may breed

Long-lasting Mosquito Torpedoes prevent mosquito larvae from developing into breeding, biting adults. Each 1-1/2" torpedo provides 60 days of protection. Sinking design maximizes effectiveness and will not cloud water or release unsightly debris. For use in bird baths, water gardens, and other water-holding receptacles. 5 pack.

Active ingredient: S-methoprene.

Recommended usage: Use one tablet for up to 100 square feet of water surface area.

Please click on "More Information" for instructions for use.

Please note: We are unable to ship Pre-Strike Mosquito Torpedoes to New York State at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Each Mosquito Torpedo provides 60-days of protection

Special ends Thursday, June 4, 2015 @ 11:59 pm (CST)

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