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Select Series Rancho Cage

Select Series Rancho Cage
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* Quality all-metal bird cage loaded with features at an amazing price
* Available in 4 colors to match any décor
* Recommended for medium to large birds

The roomiest cage in the Select Series line, with the same spring-loaded door latch and easy-to-assemble wire side panels. Its wire panel construction features fewer seams that can trap mold or bacteria which means easier maintenance and cleanup for you and a healthier environment for your bird. Stylish all-metal construction with powder-coated finish. Pull-out grille and drawer, removable seed guard, swing-out cup access, and playpen top with pull-out drawer to give your bird room to stretch and play outside the cage. Assembly required. 3/4" bar spacing. Please specify color.

Why Playtops?
Like getting two habitats in one, playtop cages offer your bird a spacious living space AND an entertaining rooftop playground! Built-in playtops offer hours of elevated amusement for birds to climb, stretch their wings, snack, perch, and command their kingdom. You'll promote healthy exercise, reduce boredom, and help ease stress-related behaviors.

Locking Seed Guard Door

Includes: 4 stainless steel cups and 2 natural wood perches.
Cage Size: Inside: 34-1/2" L x 22-3/4" W x 36-1/2" high
Outside: 35-3/8" L x 23-1/2" W x 67" H; 43-3/4" L x 32" W x 36-1/2" H w/seed guards

A lot can be told about a bird by his home. In fact, the way our birds are housed has a tremendous impact on their susceptibility to disease, behavior problems, and breeding capabilities. To keep them safe, secure, and healthy, birds need a cage that is big on space, cleanliness, and intelligent design. You'll find all this and more in the Rancho.

Use Cage Liner #611805 for this cage.

Features of the Rancho Cage
measurements are approximate
Wire Spacing 3/4" # of Feeder Doors 2
Outside Dimensions 35-3/8" L x 23-1/2" W x 67" H
43-3/4" L x 32" W x 36-1/2" H w/seed guards
Feeder Door Size 5-1/2" wide x 4" high
Inside Dimensions 34-1/2" L x 22-3/4" W x 36-1/2" high # of Feeder Dishes 2
# of Access Doors 1 Feeder Dish Size 4-1/4" dia x 3" high
Access Door Size 13" x 22" Feeder Door Location Side panel
Access Door Location Center of Front Panel Playtop Perch Size 3/4" dia x 27-1/2" long
Closures Spring-loaded door latch # of Playtop Dishes 2
Inside Perch Size 1" dia x 48" long Playtop Dish Size 4-1/4" dia x 2" high
For Medium to Large birds

Downloadable Rancho Bird Cage Assembly Instruction PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for components and assembly instructions.

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