Tropical Aquarium Filters & Filtration: Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
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Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters

Marineland Emperor BIO-Wheel Powerfilters
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* Hang-on aquarium power filter provides 3-stage filtration for crystal clear water
* Easy change filter cartridges & media containers ease aquarium filter maintenance
* Patented BIO-Wheel technology encourages superior biological filtration

MarinelandPremuim aquarium power filter combines three filtration styles with power and flexibility. Each Emperor BIO-Wheel filter enhances aquarium water quality through mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration mechanisms to remove debris, water impurities, and dangerous toxins. Patented wet/dry BIO-Wheel uses oxygen from the air - not your aquarium water - for unmatched biological filtration. Distinct filter design also increases gas exchange to provide higher oxygen levels for aquarium inhabitants. Easy change Rite-Size E mechanical/chemical filter cartridge(s) streamlines maintenance for hassle-free 3-stage filtration!

The 400 gph Emperor 400 features two BIO-Wheels and includes two Rite-Size "E" Filter Cartridges and two, 4 ounce filter media containers. For freshwater or marine aquariums. Replacement filter cartridges and replacement parts available.

Features: BIO-Wheel filtration, refillable coarse media containers, and an easy-access, hang-on design with a flip-top hinged cover, plus an adjustable intake system that can simultaneously filter water from both the lower and middle levels of the aquarium for boosted filtration and water circulation. Epoxy-sealed, moisture-proof motor ensures safe operation.

Feature Highlight
Dual strainer/intake system simultaneously filters water from two levels of the aquarium: The lower (where debris, food, and fish waste settle) and the middle (where medications, additives, food particles, and waste float). In addition to cleaning the water, this process also creates greater water circulation. Plus, this improved circulation works to better mix the water and helps regulate water temperature and oxygenation levels, while preventing the "pooling" of toxins and additives within one level or area of the aquarium.

Emperor Size Flow Rate Rite-Size Filter Ideal for
400 16-1/2" w x 6-1/2" d x 10-1/2" h 400 gph 2, "E" Cartridges 30-80 gallon

Tips from our Techs
BIO-Wheels spin fast and steady when they first start up, but will slow and "stumble" as bacteria builds. If your BIO-Wheel stops completely, put some aquarium water in a container, swish BIO-Wheel gently, and place back in filter. During filter maintenance, float BIO-Wheels in your aquarium to keep from drying out.

Please click on "More Information" for additional features, installation, and instructions for cleaning and maintenance.

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