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Thermo Perch

Thermo Perch
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* Bird-safe heated perch gives your caged bird the perfect way to stay warm
* Thermostatically controlled bird perch maintains ideal temperature range of 102-107°F
* Irregular surfaces on textured bird perch reduces foot cramping
Keep your bird warm with gentle, energy-efficient radiant heat. Thermo Perch is the unique heated perch that safely radiates warmth through your bird's feet. Thermostatically controlled bird perch uses a safe, low-voltage (12 volts) power source for an energy-efficient way to keep your bird warm from air conditioning and cold drafts. Thermo Perch maintains an optimum temperature range of 102°-107°F.

Thermo Perch can be left on continuously, so your bird can hop onto it whenever he needs warmth. Durable textured plastic perch has irregular surfaces to reduce foot cramping and pressure sores. Clean Thermo Perch with soap and water using a soft cloth. Do not immerse unit in water. Steel-wrapped cord sits outside the cage for bird's safety.

Size Diameter Range Length Watts Temperature
Small 1/2" to 1" 10-1/2" 5 watts 102°F
Medium 5/8" to 1-1/4" 13" 6 watts 102°F
Large 1-1/4" to 2" 14-1/2" 10 watts 102°F

Please click on "More Information" for perch sizing chart, construction, set up, and cleaning instructions.

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