Dog Training: PetSafe Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier
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PetSafe® Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier

PetSafe® Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier
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* PetSafe® Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier is waterproof, to pet-proof in and outside your home
* Simply place a transmitter disc by all off-limits areas or objects
* Single collar works with additional transmitter discs to protect multiple areas of your home

Effectively teach your dog to stay away from restricted areas with the PetSafe® Pawz Away® Mini Pet Barrier. The cordless barrier system allows you to train your pet to respect your set boundaries and avoid areas included kitchen counters, trash cans, furniture, rooms and outdoor areas. Choose the Standard Pet Barrier System if you have dogs only and wish to set up a larger barrier (up to 12 ft in diameter). Restrict dogs or cats from rooms/locations with a barrier 5 ft in diameter.

Place the Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier System's transmitter disc in any location you want your pet to avoid, then place the adjustable nylon receiver collar on your pet. When your pet gets too close to the transmitter disc in the off-limits location(s), the receiver collar triggers an audible tone (series of beeps) with progressive static correction. The mild correction, similar to static electricity, is designed to startle, rather than punish, your pet into avoiding the area. You can choose correction levels for any pet sensitivity. Your pet will learn that approaching the off-limits area(s) results in a correction that can be avoided simply by steering clear of the area(s) you've protected.

The Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier system lets you create avoidance areas up to 5 ft in diameter. It teaches your pets to avoid areas inside the home and outside in the yard. The system arrives with: a 2-7/8" dia plastic barrier transmitter disc for use indoors or out (requires 3 AAA batteries, not included), a 3/4"-wide adjustable nylon receiver collar (fits dogs 5 lbs and up with necks 6"-28"), a 3/4"-wide cat collar strap (fits cats 5 lbs and up with necks up to 12"), a test light tool, two 3V lithium collar batteries (item 13120), and an operating/training guide.

Collar Replacement Battery (item 13120) sold separately.

If you're using the Pawz Away Outdoor Barrier System and you already have a receiver collar - no problem! The collar contained in the Outdoor System works with the Indoor Systems' transmitter discs, too.

Downloadable Mini Indoor Pet Barrier System User Manual PDF
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for product features and an overview, components, set-up instructions, training and operating tips, cautionary advice, and warranty details.

This item has manufacturer-set pricing and is not eligible for promo offers.
This item has manufacturer-set pricing and is not eligible for promo offers.
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