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Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Spray

Comfort Zone® with Feliway® Spray
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* Feliway is clinically proven to end urine marking and vertical scratching in 95% of cats!
* Comfort Zone Feliway's ingredients mimic feline pheromones that calm stressed cats
* Safe for furniture, doors, automobile upholstery, or walls

Feliway Spray quickly puts an end to stress-related behavior like cat urine marking and inappropriate scratching. Use Feliway to treat surfaces your pet has already marked, as well as prominent objects that could be future targets. It also helps comfort your cat in new or stressful environments such as the veterinarian's office, a new home (or home with multiple cats), while traveling or boarding, and when introducing new cats to your home.

Feliway uses calming, analogue pheromones (structurally similar to feline facial pheromones) to reduce instinctive urges to mark and scratch. Pheromones are naturally secreted when cats rub objects with the side of their face. These pheromones are later recognized by the cat and produce feelings of familiarity and comfort. Feliway spray entices your cat to rub his face on treated objects, depositing his own facial pheromones on the object so that it becomes a place he is unlikely to urine mark. Scientific studies confirm Feliway's effectiveness in mimicking the results of facial pheromone marking.

Clean the area your pet has sprayed thoroughly before using Feliway. Spray Feliway on furniture, doors, walls, or any surface where urine marking or scratching is a problem. Spray target area once daily for at least 30 days, but DO NOT spray directly on your pet.

Feliway will not stain most surfaces, but you should always test an inconspicuous area of the spot you wish to treat before treating the entire area. Feliway works for cats only, and is odorless to humans.

Use the Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser for room-wide spray prevention (up to 650 sq ft).

If your dog displays stress-related inappropriate behavior, try Comfort Zone with DAP for Dogs.

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Stop cats' urine spraying, scratching, and anxiety
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