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American Marine Pinpoint Salinity Monitor for Ponds

Pinpoint Pond Salinity Monitor
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* Electronic pond salinity monitor for precise salt measurement
* Accurately & immediately measure salt level in pond water
* Use to maintain proper, therapeutic salt levels in koi ponds

Quickly and accurately measure salt levels in your pond. American Marine Pinpoint Salinity Monitor for Ponds is an invaluable tool for any pond keeper using pond salt. Precise measurement of pond salt levels allows you to maintain salt levels therapeutic for pond fish that is within the acceptable threshold of pond plants.

American Marine Pinpoint Salinity Monitor is especially useful to determine the low level of salt required for koi and pond goldfish. Continuously measure dissolved salt levels and accurately reads in millisiemens (mS), but includes a chart to cross-reference either specific gravity (S.G.) or ‰ salt (ppt). The reading is fully temperature compensated for true readings of salt levels.

Includes a 53.0 mS reference/calibration fluid. Runs on a 9V battery (not included).

53.0 mS Calibration Fluid, Adapter Kit, and Calibration Packets also available.

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