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Pet Greens® Grasses

Pet Greens® Grasses
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* 100% certified USDA organic grasses
* Safe alternative for birds who nibble houseplants
* Excellent nutrients your bird needs for overall health

Grow healthy, organic grasses for your bird - it's as easy as 1-2-3! Birds are naturally attracted to nutrient rich grasses and both of these easy-to-grow grass products enrich your pet's environment and provide a safe source of fiber. Fiber aids in normal, healthy digestion.

Pet Greens grasses grow right from the packet or in a separate pot. It provides real greens with nutrients that can be clipped and added to food, or set out to nibble on by itself. Includes soil mixture and 100% certified organic grass seed. Healthy and ready to eat in 7-10 days. Sorry, plant pot not included.

Garden variety features 100% Wheat Grass, known in the health food industry for its high nutrient content. NEW Medley includes certified organic oat, rye, and barley grasses, which has 23X more nutrients than regular garden vegetables and absolutely no gluten. Medley also gives birds more variety, which many crave. Great for all birds, but may also be given to dog, cats, or small pets, like mice, hamsters, or rabbits for extra nutrition.

Suggested feeding: Feed to your bird as a healthy reward or snack. Adjust the serving size to the size of your pet.

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Environmentally Friendly Product!
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