Miconazole Lotion (Generic)
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Miconazole Lotion (Generic)

Miconazole Lotion (Generic)
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What is Miconazole Lotion?
Miconazole Lotion is a prescription antifungal drug. It is used in the treatment of skin fungal infections called dermatophytosis (ringworm infection) in multiple species including cats and dogs.

Who is it for?
Miconazole Lotion is labeled for use in cats and dogs.

What are the benefits?

* Prescription single ingredient miconazole at 1% concentration
* Treats ringworm infections
* Easy to apply lotion

Miconazole Lotion is used in the treatment of skin fungal infections called dermatophytosis (ringworm infection). This single ingredient topical preparation contains 1% miconazole, a prescription antifungal agent.

How does Miconazole Lotion work?
Miconazole Lotion is an antifungal medication that damages the outer covering of the fungus, ultimately causing its death.

Is there a generic equivalent available?
This is a generic medication

How is it given?
Miconazole Lotion is a topical preparation. Apply a light covering of the lotion to affected areas as directed by your veterinarian. Application with a cotton swab is usually recommended.

What results can I expect?
Treatment generally requires 2-6 weeks. If no improvement is seen in 2 weeks, contact your veterinarian. Treatment should not be discontinued until laboratory tests show the fungus has been killed. In severe cases of ringworm, oral medications may also be used.

What form(s) does it come in?

Please click on "More Information" for possible drug and food interactions with this medication.

Miconazole 1% Lotion
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