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Going Green™ Red Fly Thru Feeder

Going Green™ Red Fly Thru Feeder
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* Fly-thru tray feeder is made from earth-friendly plastic materials
* Hanging platform feeder is bright red to attract more wild birds
* Style of tray feeder allows birds to just "fly by," scoop up seed, and fly to safety

Made in the USABright red feeder attracts birds, lets them fly through to pick up seed, fly away, and feel safe. Fly-Thru Feeder is made from tough recycled lumber with a clear acrylic roof to protect seed. Curved sides and clear roof allow birds to see that seed is available. Open design of this platform feeder as well as the galvanized steel tray with drainage holes ensures seed stays dry. Feeder can hold a variety of foods, including seed, mealworms, or fruit toEnvironmentally Friendly Product attract the birds you want at your feeder. Birds attracted to this fly-thru feeder include ground feeders like juncos, robins, thrushes, and wrens, insect eaters like bluebirds, and perching birds like grosbeaks, cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, and siskins. Hanging cable included. Holds 1-1/2 quarts of seed. Made in the USA.

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