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Squirrel-In-A-Jar Feeder

Squirrel-In-A-Jar Feeder
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* Keep squirrels busy in another part of your yard and they'll leave bird feeders alone
* Entertainment for you, and great fun and enrichment for squirrels
* Holds up to 1 gallon of corn, peanuts, or other squirrel feed

Made in the USAEnjoy a hilarious view of a furry squirrel tail moving around and around in the glass jar as a squirrel feeds from it. Squirrels see the food you place inside, but must wriggle their way into the cedar box and then into the glass jar for a reward. With a 4" diameter wide mouth jar opening entices your backyard friends into an entertaining and fruitful adventure and ensures them they have a safe exit. Stand is made of 3/4" thick cedar and glass jar lifts out easily for filling. Holds 1 gallon of corn, peanuts, or other squirrel feed. Rust resistant hardware included. 18" x 5-1/2" x 15" high. Made in the USA.

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