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EZ-Tilt Birdbath

EZ-Tilt Birdbath
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* Easy-tilt birdbath allows easy emptying for cleaning
* Clean birdbaths are essential to bird health
* Plastic birdbath holds 6 qts water

Expert Tip:
Turn your decorative birdbath into a year-round spa for wild birds. A de-icer keeps birdbaths ice-free for easily accessible water for drinking and bathing during the coldest months.
Unique EZ-Tilt-to-clean mounting bracket allows convenient tilt-and-pour function. Makes water changes easy; simply undo catch and tilt birdbath to drain, or lift straight up to remove birdbath completely for storage. Plastic unit attaches to 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" deck rails. Mounting hardware included. Holds 6 quarts. Measures 20" dia x 2" deep. Place a Water Wiggler in the bath to attract birds with moving water.

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