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Can O' Foods

Can O' Foods
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* Highly nutritious mealworms that won't escape
* Easy-to-digest, canned feeder insects for your wild birds
* A great way to attract bluebirds and other insect loving wild birds

All the benefits of feeding your wild birds live mealworms without the worry of escape. These easy-to-digest mealworms are cooked in the can to retain their delicious flavor and juices. This means they contain less preservatives and binders so wild birds receive more usable food materials in every meal and the insect exoskeleton is softened for easier digestion. A great way to provide a good source of protein and moisture to your backyard visitors, including insect-loving bluebirds. Simply place mealworms in an open, dish-style feeder and watch wild birds flock to your yard for a meal. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks once opened.

Can O' Can Size Content
Worms 1.2 oz 300+ mealworms
Mini Mealies 1.2 oz 1500+ mini mealworms
Superworms 1.2 oz Approx. 100 superworms

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