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Whimsy Hummingbird Hand Feeding Wand

Whimsy Hummingbird Hand Feeding Wand
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* Bring hummingbirds up close with this handheld feeder
* No-drip nectar holder means no mess
* Red cap and bead accent help attract hummingbirds

Watch delicate hummingbirds sip nectar just inches away from you! Use a Whimsy Hummingbird Hand Feeding Wand, and it won't be long until they're practically eating out of your hands. Artfully-designed hummingbird wand is made from rust-resistant copper wire with a refillable glass nectar tube and perch. Decorative red bead and nectar-tube cap provide visual cues that help attract hummingbirds. Also includes a hanging hook, so you can hang the feeder in a popular location to familiarize hummers with the feeder before you try to hand feed. Whether hanging or handheld, the feeder sits in a no-drip, almost horizontal position. Holds 1/2 ounce. 1" x 3" x 17" long.

Directions: Enjoy hand feeding hummingbirds by following these simple steps. Fill the nectar holder and hang this feeder outside with your other hummer feeders so they become familiar with it. After they've found it, you can start to hand feed. Put your other feeders out of sight, and hold your wand up in the area they were feeding originally, especially at peak feeding times (early morning and from 6-8 pm). In no time, you'll have a hummingbird feeding right before your eyes!

Please click on "More Information" for cleaning and feeding tips.

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