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Stop Bird Attack Spray

Stop Bird Attack Spray
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* Temporary spray coating for windows to stop birds from perceiving their reflection is another bird
* Spray flocking eliminates reflection of bird in window
* Anti-reflective coating calms birds and stops attack

Made in the USATemporary spray-on window coating may save the life of a bird that is vigorously defending its territory by attacking its reflection again and again. Some territorial birds perceive their own reflection in a window to be another bird competing for their mate, and attack. Repeated attacks deplete a bird's energy, putting its health and nesting brood at risk. Stop Bird Attack eliminates the bird's window reflection, calms the bird, and stops the attack. Spray in any design you like, as long as it covers the area the bird is attacking. The product is a removable, white coating that may be sprayed on any window under attack. Use a light spray at the bottom of an exterior window, where the bird is attacking. Stop Bird Attack is effective for Northern Cardinals, American Robins, California Towhees, and other territorial birds. Aerosol spray can. Contains no CFCs or other ozone-depleting substances.

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