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Bamboo 6 QT Hopper Feeder

Bamboo 6 QT Hopper Feeder
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* 6-quart wild bird feeder with solid cross-ply bamboo construction
* Holds more seeds to attract a variety of different species
* Removable Fresh Seed Tray enhances drainage and air circulation and makes cleaning easy!

Hanging bamboo feeder feeds more birds with one filling. Nature's Way Bird Products Bamboo 6 QT Hopper Feeder holds a generous amount of bird seeds to extend refill intervals. This means birds enjoy uninterrupted feedings while you enjoy viewing your beautiful, feathered visitors longer before the next refill.

Nature's Way Bird Products Bamboo 6 QT Hopper Feeder employs an outstanding eco-friendly construction that takes advantage of bamboo's natural properties to resist squirrels, insects and rot. Solid cross-ply bamboo design further enhances protection against rotting, warping, swelling, and shrinking to deliver 5Xs the hardness and strength of cedar or cypress!

Nature's Way Bird Products Bamboo 6 QT Hopper Feeder is loaded with convenient features to ease feeder use and care. Rust-free aluminum piano hinge allows feeder roof to open widely for easy filling with less mess. Meshed Fresh Seed™ tray provides superior drainage and air circulation to reduce spoilage. Directs seed to the feeding area so birds have a constant supply of fresh seeds. Drainage holes allow water to drain and air to flow freely providing additional measures to keep seeds fresh.

Stay-clear, crack-resistant acrylic windows provide a clear view so you can easily see when it's time for a seed refill. Attractive, open-concept design accommodates larger wild birds like Cardinals and Jays so you can enjoy visits from small or large wild bird species.

Nature's Way Bird Products Bamboo 6 QT Hopper Feeder is finished with a water-based protective stain to enhance feeder beauty and natural resistance to mold, bacteria, and squirrels. Nature's Way Bird Products Bamboo 6 QT Hopper Feeder measures 13-1/2" x 8-1/8" x 10-1/2" high. Holds 6 quarts of seed. Includes vinyl-coated steel hanging cable. Exclusive 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Attracts these Wild Birds:

  • Cardinals
  • Grosbeaks
  • Titmice
  • Nuthatches
  • Chickadees
  • Finches
  • Jays
  • Juncos
  • Woodpeckers

Use these seeds:

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Exclusive 10-year Manufacturer's Warranty!
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