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Grande Squirrelproof Feeder

Grande Squirrelproof Feeder
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* Only small birds can enter the protective cage around this wild bird feeder
* Deters gray squirrels and larger birds with a 1-1/2" grid steel cage
* Screw-top lid stays in place so squirrels cannot get at seed

Squirrel Resistant ProductServe small to medium-sized songbirds while deterring squirrels with this cage-protected tube feeder. Steel cage boasts 1-1/2" square openings, sized just-right to deter squirrels and large birds. Ideal for sunflower or mixed seed, this feeders' PVC seed tube serves up nearly 3 lbs of seed from four feeding ports with perches. Attracts titmice, finches, chickadees, and other small birds. Herringbone-patterned lid with bronze/green finish adds a decorative touch and locks to prevent squirrels from thieving seed. Built-in, self-draining base tray helps keep fallen seed fresh. Holds 2 quarts. Seed tube: 3.5" dia; overall feeder: 9.25" dia x 16" tall.

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