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Chewbular Play Tube

Chewbular Play Tube
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* Small pet cage accessory creates a chewable burrow of fun
* Your small animal can charge-through in play or chew-through to help wear and clean her teeth
* Toy is made of colorful, chewable pet-safe cardboard for any hamster, gerbil, or rat

Offer your pet a barrel of fun with these versatile Chewbular Play Tubes. Your mouse, chinchilla, or other small pet will love charging through them, hiding in them, or chewing to his heart's content. Best of all, your pet can also use the included Night-E-Night bedding material that's stuffed inside each tube to build a nest. Constructed of pet-safe 1/8" thick cardboard and dyed with vegetable-based coloring. Three sizes from which to choose. Assorted colors.

Small pets love burrowing, hiding, tunneling, and nesting. The Chewbular Play Tube allows your pet to satisfy all of these natural instincts in one convenient pet toy. Additionally, your pet can safely chew these tubes. Since this product is affordably priced, you won't waste money, allowing your pet to keep his teeth healthy.

Chewbular Tube Dimensions Ideal for
Small 2-5/8" diameter by 6" long Hamsters, gerbils, or mice
Medium 4" diameter by 9" long Rats, chinchillas, hedgehogs, or guinea pigs
Large 6" diameter by 10" long Rabbits

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Small pet toy is made for any hamster, gerbil, or rat
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