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Woven Grass Accessories

Woven Grass Accessories
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* Small pet bedding accessories woven from aromatic grasses
* Offers comfort as a nest and additional roughage as it's chewed
* Available in four unique styles for all your pet's needs

Comfort and appeal to your pet's natural instincts while you protect and stimulate her senses. Woven from natural, fresh, aromatic grasses, these cage accessories will have your pet believing she is living in the great outdoors. Plus, each is safe to chew for an additional source of fiber. Also makes a great habitat addition that allows your pet to forage for materials to build a nest of her own as she pulls each accessory apart.

Mat is approximately 11" wide by 14" long. It is designed to protect your small pet's sensitive feet from wire cage bottoms. Also makes a great nest box liner.

The Play Ball is approximately 6" diameter. It is perfect for stimulating your pet's playful side. Or, let her pull it apart to build a protective nest of her own.

The Hide-A-Way Hut measures approximately 9" wide by 7-1/2" long by 7" high. Its tunnel-shaped design is a great cozy shelter in which your pet can hide when she wants to get away from it all.

The Pet Bed is approximately 9" wide by 10" long by 4-1/2" high. It makes for a great nesting and/or sleeping spot in the corner of your small pet's cage.

Safe to chew for additional fiber. Each piece is unique.

Ideal for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, or rats.

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