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Oasis Wet-Tail Drops

Wet-Tail Drops
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* Small pet liquid medicine for symptoms of diarrhea
* Simply drop into your pet's drinking water to treat
* Orange flavor encourages pets to drink, and ingest medicine

Liquid treatment for symptoms of Wet Tail (diarrhea). Water soluble antibiotic contains strong orange flavor to encourage ingestion. Simply add recommended amount of product to your pet's daily drinking water. Plastic container with screw-tight lid and dropper dispenser. 1.0 oz.

Wet Tail is a serious intestinal disease most often characterized by a wet or matted tail and lower stomach, both of which are stained from excessive diarrhea. Caused by bacteria, this disease is often fatal and quick antibiotic administration is essential, as is offering fluids to correct the dehydration that accompanies it.

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