Small pet containment pens allow pets to safely exercise and explore
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Large Exercise Pen

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Large Exercise Pen for Small Animals
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* Affordable, convenient small pet pen assembles easy and folds away flat
* Expand play area connecting multiple panels or add a mat to protect floor
* Spacious open pen keeps your pet contained & safe with room to roam

Create an instant playroom for your larger small pet. This Large Exercise Pen for small animals is constructed of durable, powder-coated wire panels that fold flat for easy storage and assemble quickly for great pet play. Pen features eight white panels with 1" bar spacing. Each panel measures 18" wide by 29" high and assembles together to form a 43" diameter pen. Create an even larger pen when you connect two pens together, or attach the 3-Panel Extension Kit.

When you use your exercise pen indoors, you can place an optional Cover/Mat (assorted colors) or Cover/Mat for Extension Kit underneath the pen to protect your floors. If you'd like your small pet to get some fresh air, you can place the Cover/Mat (assorted colors) over the top of the Exercise Pen while your pet's outdoors to offer shade and protection from the sun. Made of heavy-duty water repellant, coated fabric for durability and easy cleaning.

Get a complete small pet containment system and SAVE when you purchase a Large Pen w Cover/Mat (#19548 + #30454) or Large Pen w Extension Kit + Cover/Mat (#19548 + #30452 + #30455).

Exercise pens are great additions to any home with pets. Even the most inactive pets in the largest cages need to get out and stretch their limbs. Plus, your pets have to go somewhere when you're cleaning their homes and litter boxes. These pens allow your pet to roam indoors or outdoors while being safely contained within your view. Ultimately, the use of a playpen is a healthy choice for both you and your pet. You no longer have to worry about your pet escaping the house or chewing on electrical cords. Your pet gets a change of scenery and beneficial exercise opportunities. When not in use, the pen simply folds away to be tucked in a convenient storage location.

Ideal for ferrets, rabbits, or guinea pigs. Click here for a view of our Small Exercise Pen for Small Pets, which is ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice, or hedgehogs.

Please click on "More Information" for assembly directions, cleaning instructions, and product specifications.

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