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CritterTrail Expansion Kit

CritterTrail Expansion Kit
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* Small pet cage accessories can be used with any CritterTrail system
* Vibrant, kid-approved colors increase fun for small pet owners
* Easily and securely snaps into place for custom small pet activity center

Remodel your small pet's cage into an activity wonderland. The CritterTrail Expansion Kit comes filled with accessories so your pet has plenty of room to run and relax. Kit includes a Loop-D-Loop, Outhouse, Snap-on Comfort Wheel, Fun-nel J Tube, Fun-nel Tee, a 3-1/2" Fun-nel Straight Tube, Bubble Plug, and 4 Connector Rings. Vibrant, kid-approved colors complement any cage design and color scheme. Can be used in conjunction with any CritterTrail habitat or accessory. Easy, snap-on assembly. Assorted colors.

Active small pets need room to run and roam. The Expansion Kit allows you to economically turn any cage into a kingdom fit for a small pet king. The Loop-D-Loop and Outhouse let your pet safely explore the areas immediately surrounding his cage. The Snap-on Comfort Wheel's unique, out-of-the-cage design affords your pet the exercise he needs without sacrificing precious cage space. Plus, it comes with all the tubes, connector rings, and bubble plugs you'll need to safely allow your pet access to his new toys.

Great addition to any CritterTrail Habitat or existing Accessory.

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