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Drinkwell Pet Fountain

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Drinkwell Small Pet Fountain
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* Pet water fountain is a healthy way to get ferrets to drink more water
* Quiet motor, trickling water attracts ferrets to drink!

Ferrets like nothing better than clean, fresh water. But even when they have plenty of water available, some ferrets do not drink enough for good health. They are simply finicky about tepid, standing water in their bowl.

To make sure your ferret drinks all of the water she needs, get her the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. This well-made fountain delivers a continuous, trickling flow of filtered water to the delight of your ferret. Its 5" falling stream continually aerates the water, ensuring more healthful oxygen with your ferret's every drink. Runs so quietly, all you will hear is the sound of running water; it is quieter than most faucets when they are left running.

Just fill the Fountain with water, place it in desired location, plug it in, and adjust the flow rate knob to suit her preference. Filters are reusable (for up to two to four weeks). Just rinse and replace. Charcoal filters remove bad tastes and odors, for fresher water your pet will want to drink.

The base Fountain holds six cups of water. With the optional 50 oz Reservoir Attachment, the capacity doubles to twelve cups, plenty of water for any cat and her mates, and an added measure of comfort for home-alone pets.

Drinkwell Fountains should be cleaned regularly to keep the fountain running smoothly and to ensure your pet has the freshest water possible. Keep your fountain clean with the Drinkwell Cleaning Kit, which includes a 12" Housing Brush, a 12" Intake Tube Brush, and a 6" Motor Brush. Perfect for cleaning Drinkwell or any other feeder or fountain.

Replacement Filters - Help keep water clean and fresh. Filters should be changed every two to four weeks.

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