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Mini-Pop Corn Treat

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Mini-Pop Corn Treat
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* Small pet treat is 100% real corn cobs
* Contains natural minerals and essential nutrients
* Give unpopped or pop in the microwave

Nutritious corn still on the cob to feed or treat your furry friend. Give your pet one of these corn cobs as is and watch her nibble and munch to her heart's content. Or, simply microwave each individual cob to release a smorgasbord of aromatic and tasty popcorn. Either way, your pet will benefit from the natural nutrients and minerals these sweet corn kernels hold. Each cob measures approximately 4" long. Four cobs per 6 oz package.

Small pets crave variety - in their toys, diet, and treats. These unique snacks are the perfect addition to any pet's buffet line. When unpopped, the corn's crunchy texture helps wear and clean those constantly growing teeth. When popped, the soft, nutritious goodness of each kernel complements your pet's diet to help keep her healthy and full of energy. Great as a tasty treat or healthy reward for good behavior.

For: rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, mice, or gerbils.

Please click on "More Information" for feeding, preparation instructions, ingredients, and guaranteed analysis.

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