Small Pet Playpen with Mat/Cover
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Small Pet Playpen with Mat/Cover
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* Small animal exercise pen made of high-quality, epoxy-coated wire to keep your pet contained outdoors or indoors
* Offers over nine square feet of play space
* Available dual-function mat/cover easily attaches to pen top or bottom for increased safety

Our best quality exercise pen. The Small Animal Playpen is made of safe, epoxy-coated, 1" spaced wire panels that assemble to give your ferret, rabbit, or guinea pig plenty of play space. Water-resistant polyester Mat/Cover secures to either the assembled pen top or bottom with self-fastening closures. Easy to assemble, disassemble, fold, and store. 8-panel Playpen or 30% larger 11-panel Deluxe Playpen.

Panels measure 18" wide by 29" high and safely secure together to help prevent escapes. Available 43" or 65" diameter Mat/Cover serves a dual purpose - attach it to the top of the assembled Playpen to offer your small pets protection from potential predators and the sun. Or, secure it beneath the assembled Playpen to protect carpeting when used indoors and prevent digging when used outdoors. Available Playpen and Mat/Cover kit combines both features in one convenient package. Playpen wire is white. Mat/Cover is hand-washable and comes in assorted colors.

Size Dimensions Suggested For
Playpen 8 Panels (18" x 29" high ea), 1" wire spacing Ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs
Deluxe Playpen 11 Panels (18" x 29" high ea), 1" wire spacing Ferrets, rabbits, and guinea pigs

Allowing your small pets to safely and securely exercise indoors or outdoors is paramount to good pet husbandry. This Small Animal Playpen and Mat/Cover afford your pet a large area of exercise and play space, while still offering the protection and safety your pet needs.

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