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Kaytee Complete Mouse & Rat Premium Fiber Diet

Kaytee Complete Mouse & Rat Premium Fiber Diet
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* Complete nutrition for mice and rats encourages natural foraging behavior
* Small pet diet provides natural yet colorful nibbles to enhance mouse and rat feeding time
* High-fiber food mix prolongs feeding experience for mice and rats


Kaytee Complete foraging mixes for non-hay-eating small animals offers high fiber and premium nutrition to your mouse or rat. Natural blend is visually appealing and encourages small pets to seek out and forage the food they love. Vitamin- and mineral-fortified pellets are intermingled with delicious Timothy Hay and small-pet favorite sunflower seeds and grains to enhance your pocket pet's feeding experience. Antioxidant nutrients are included to support your small pet's immune system. This delicious diet contains a balanced amount of fiber for normal digestion. For mice and rats.

Daily Feeding Amount:  
Mouse 2 Tablespoons
Rat 3 to 4 Tablespoons

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For an excellent alternative, try our Signature Series Premium Rat/Mouse Food which includes antioxident, nutrients, and Omega-3 fatty acids for overall wellness of your small pet.

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