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Zoo Med Can O' Foods

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Zoo Med Can O' Foods
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* Easy-to-digest, canned feeder insects for omnivorous small pets
* Increase nutritional variety to the diets of small pets with ease
* Great treat for hedgehogs and other insect-eating exotic small pets

Zoo MedAdd insects to the menu with less mess for nutritional variety small pets crave. Zoo Med Can O' Foods offers a convenient way to include insects to the diet of insectivorous (insect-eating) and omnivorous small pets. Simply open a can and offer as a welcomed treat for an easier alternative to feeding live insects. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks once opened.

Zoo Med Can O' Foods are cooked in the can to retain their delicious flavors and juices. Insect exoskeleton is softened during this process for easier digestion so your pet receives more usable food materials. Offer Zoo Med Can O' Foods as an occasional treat in addition to a balanced daily diet for a good source of protein and moisture for your omnivorous small pet. Great for exotic small pets such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders and other omnivores.

Choose from farm-raised mealworms crickets, snails, mini mealworms, mini crickets, grasshoppers, caterpillars or superworms.*

Can 'O Can Size Content
Crickets 1.2 oz 60+ crickets
Grasshoppers 1.2 oz 18+ jumbo grasshoppers (wingless)
Mealworms 1.2 oz 300+ mealworms
Mini Crickets 1.2 oz 200+ mini crickets
Mini Mealies 1.2 oz 1.2 oz 1500+ mini mealworms
Pillars 1.2 oz 75+ caterpillars
Snails 1.7 oz 25+ snails (no shells)
Superworms* 1.2 oz Approx. 100 superworms

*Remove head to reduce harder to digest pieces.

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