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Carefresh® Shavings Plus

Carefresh® Shavings Plus
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* Eco-friendly pet bedding offers longer-lasting odor control
* Blend of soft pet bedding & kiln-dried wood shavings absorbs 2.5X its weight!
* Promotes healthy small pet nesting & burrowing

Made in the USA

Natural wood shavings plus soft bedding bits create a cozy and absorbent blend for your small pets, with better odor control than shavings alone. 100% biodegradable Carefresh Shavings Plus contains 30% Carefresh blue soft bedding with 70% softwood shavings. Promotes natural behaviors like burrowing and nesting, while providing warmth for sleeping. Great bedding for: Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, and hedgehogs; or use as a litter for ferrets. Shavings Plus is safe for pets and families, although we do not recommend using this blend in an enclosed habitat such as an aquarium.

Bedding Compressed Expanded
60L 25.7L (1571 cu in) 69.4L (4,242 cu in)

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