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Zoo Med Can O' Foods

Zoo Med Reptile Can O' Foods
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* Easy-to-digest, canned feeder insects for reptiles
* Feeding made easy for carnivorous pet herps
* Highly nutritious insects that won't escape!

Zoo MedEasy-to-digest foods are cooked in the can to retain their delicious flavors and juices. This means few preservatives and binders so your pet receives more usable food materials in every meal and the insect exoskeleton is softened for easier digestion. A good source of protein and moisture for your reptiles and amphibians. Choose from farm-raised crickets, mealworms, mini mealworms, grasshoppers, snails, caterpillars, or shrimp. Grasshoppers for large lizards and turtles only. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks once opened.

Can O' Can Size Content
Worms 1.2 oz 300+ mealworms
Crickets 1.2 oz 60+ crickets
Snails 1.7 oz 25+ snails (no shells)
Mini Mealies 1.2 oz 1500+ mini mealworms
Mini Crickets 1.2 oz 200+ mini crickets
Grasshoppers 1.2 oz 18+ jumbo grasshoppers (wingless)
Pillars 1.2 oz 75+ caterpillars
Shrimp 1.2 oz 200+ river shrimp
Superworms 1.2 oz Approx. 100 superworms

Please click on "More Information" for guaranteed analysis, ingredients, feeding recommendations, and storage.

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