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Canned Mealworms

Canned Mealworms
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* Canned mealworms are soft and moist, just like live mealworms
* Feed reptiles without special shipping, storage or handling issues
* Cost effective food option for reptile and amphibian enthusiasts

Canned mealworms are the easy, affordable alternative to feeding live insects. Soft and moist, reptiles and amphibians readily accept them as they would live mealworms. Unlike freeze-dried or roasted worms, their unique packaging process locks in natural juices and nutrients, so reptiles receive the protein and fat they need. Simply place mealworms in a feeder dish and serve. Ingredients: Whole farm-raised mealworms. 3/4" long, approx 2,500 count per 2.4 oz can.

Refrigerate after opening. Discard uneaten portions from feeder after 24 hours.

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